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been six iterations of a defense in the irs case. but remember, lois learner disclosed at a conference, that's how we learned about it. then we went into it was two rogue agents, then it went to, well, it was a progressive group so we're targeted to not just conservative groups, so as long as we treat two different sets of people improperly, at least it's not discrimination. now the new defense is, well, the president himself didn't know about it. if that's the new standard for i am -- impropriety in this town, that the president didn't even know about it? >> if they had been denied right at the get-go, then they could have appealed it to another part of the irs. instead, what was so sadistic about this and so painful, they were in this no man's land and they couldn't appeal it. they would have been far better off if the irs agents, whoever was involved in this, however high it went, if they simply said no and denied it so they could appeal it. but instead they strung them out. >> that suggested more culpability, and you're right, it's as if they just gave up. these are average america
. the defense enended up proving it. i was happy about it but prepared for a verdict that had nothing to do with the law. forces persuasive forces had been trying to get people up in the sheriff's office running psas and please don't riot like saying please don't think pink. what are you thinking? there were people who were subtlely encouraging civil unrest. and i thought the jury would be aware that have and not -- it's a small town. who wants to live in that kind of circumstance? i thought they'd say the simplest way is come up with a little bit of it. one guy. but they didn't. it was really, i think uplifting. >> greta: rush has mer to say about the zimmerman trial and race relations in america. you can see that right here on the record friday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. right now go to and let us know what you think about the interview with rush limbaugh. thanks for joining us tonight. go to gret why good night from washington. orno. the financial factor is done. >>> hi, i'm juan williams with andrea tantaros, david webb, dana perino, and my man,
be kept locked up after serving their sentences. former prosecutor, jim hammer and washington defense lawyer, ted williams. you go to trial, you get a conviction, you serve your time. and then, you are allowed to leave and then nobody wants you in the community. so, what is the solution on this one? >> well, the solution is in california is in the right column here, about 20 states in the united states have civil commitment laws. even after convicted, if you are deemed dangerous, and i cannot think of a more dangerous guy, you can have civil proceeding, and lock this guy up, so that 13-year-old boys and parents do not live in terror. it's a nightmare. he will be released and this guy has a high chance of offending again. >> here is what i see, i will go to ted on this. ted, the guy has done his time, he has not done another crime, he has done everything that society asked him. everyone is terrified and everyone knows that pedophiles, they just, for some reason, they just keep doing it and you cannot just sort of lock people up if they are not crazy and meet a civil standard, and in so
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)